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Discover the unmatched value of C.J. Emerson's Voice On Tap voiceover solutions. Tailored plans to fit every need. For most clients, the subscription pays for itself after just 2-3 spots!

Voiceover Simplified: Monthly Plans, Extraordinary Results

Embrace the future of professional voiceover performance. Voice On Tap's revolutionary monthly subscription model delivers unparalleled efficiency, saving you time and money on every project.


Subscribe to a plan and start requesting voiceovers. It's that simple! Includes usage rights!

Top Quality, Top Speed

Receive your voiceover tracks within 24-48 hours on average, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

100% Satisfied

We revise, re-record, tweak, pickup, and edit until you're 100% satisfied on every spot.

It's a 'can't imagine working without it' experience

Forget the hassle of continuous talent scouting. Voice On Tap brings a revolution with unlimited access to on demand professional voiceovers by C.J. Emerson. Experience rapid delivery and exceptional quality, transforming your media projects, all within a convenient monthly subscription.

Enhanced Subscription Model

With over two decades of experience behind the microphone, you'll have a direct line to C.J. Emerson's dynamic range of voiceover capabilities for ongoing, diverse projects. Streamline your voiceover process by tapping into the skills of a seasoned voice artist, ensuring high-quality, consistent results.

Bespoke Voiceovers

Voice On Tap specializes in creating tailored voiceovers for any media format. C.J. Emerson records immersive voiceovers that powerfully resonate with audiences, elevating your media's impact and engagement.

Creative Collaboration

Collaborate with C.J. Emerson to bring your voiceover to life. Achieve a seamless alignment between your voiceover and your project's goals with consistent creative dialogue throughout the production process.
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Membership Benefits

Perks so incredible, you won't need to look elsewhere for your voiceover needs. Period.

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Non-Broadcast Excellence - Every Digital Platform Covered

Non-Broadcast Usage Rights

1 project request at a time

Same and next day deliveries

Unlimited users

Unlimited brands

Max daily final output: 30 mins

Simple credit card payments

Flexibility - pause or cancel anytime


Broadcast Pro Plan


Pause or cancel anytime

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Broadcast & Paid Media Mastery

Full Broadcast, Paid Media Rights

Directed LIVE Sessions Available (phone, Zoom, Meet, Teams, ipDTL, Source Connect, and more)

2 project requests at a time

Same and next day deliveries

Unlimited users

Unlimited brands

Max daily final output: 60 minutes

Simple credit card payments

Flexibility - pause or cancel anytime

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Voice On Tap's 'try before you buy' experience. Request a free custom voiceover sample to ensure our service aligns perfectly with your media needs.

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Maximize your media buys with inclusive 1-YEAR usage rights on ALL spots –
a game-changer in cost efficiency for any size enterprise!

For most clients, subscription pays for itself after just 2-3 spots!

Voice On Tap FAQs

What range of voiceover services does Voice On Tap offer?

Voice On Tap spans ALL media, including TV and radio commercials, e-learning, animations, video games, documentaries, audiobooks, corporate presentations, narrations, virtual reality experiences, and more, catering to a diverse array of voiceover needs.

What falls under the Non-Broadcast and Broadcast Tiers?

Non-Broadcast covers voiceovers for websites, internal use, online courses, and business materials, and more — all digital media except online paid media, TV, and radio ads.

Broadcast Pro adds paid media, TV, and radio ad voiceovers to everything in the Non-Broadcast Plan, perfect for clients with extensive broadcast reach and varied broadcast/non-broadcast needs.

What are the specifics of usage rights for each plan?

1-YEAR usage rights included! Every voiceover track from both plans comes with one full year of usage rights, offering unmatched value in the industry. This offers MASSIVE savings for mid- to high-volume clients. Renewals for additional years are available at $500 per spot per added year.

What's the typical turnaround time for voiceover projects?

Experience our industry-leading speed with same or next-day delivery on most spots, ensuring your project stays on track!

How does Voice On Tap cater to clients with mixed usage needs, project to project?

We offer two plans - Non-Broadcast and Broadcast - which are designed to meet the majority of our clients' needs. The Broadcast Pro Plan is a cost-effective option for clients with high-volume requirements for both broadcast and non-broadcast media. If you are subscribed to the Non-Broadcast Plan, you can still release your spot for full broadcast rights use for one year by upgrading for a one-time fee of $500.

What does 'final output minutes' mean?

'Final output minutes' refers to the length of delivered voiceover tracks, not the time spent recording or producing them. If your subscription allows for 60 minutes of final output daily, you can receive various completed tracks adding up to 60 minutes each day.

Are there any hidden charges?

No hidden fees. Our billing is straightforward monthly. Additional costs apply only for Non-Broadcast clients needing a one-off broadcast-level release or for usage renewals beyond the initial 1-year term on all spots.

Can I request revisions to my voiceover projects?

Of course! We offer a streamlined revision process entirely covered under your membership, ensuring you're satisfied with every deliverable. We don't stop working on a piece until you are 100% happy with it.

Are female or other voices available?

Currently, C.J. Emerson performs all voiceovers. We plan to expand our team to include a diverse range of voices in the future.

What if my project needs voiceovers in different languages or accents?

Currently, Voice On Tap offers voiceovers primarily in American English with various regional accents available. Stay tuned for upcoming multilingual services.

Are directed LIVE sessions available?

Yes, directed LIVE sessions upon request. Connect via phone patch, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, ipDTL, Source Connect, and more. Broadcast Pro clients get scheduling priority.

Can I try out a custom voiceover sample before committing to a subscription?

Definitely! At Voice On Tap, experience our 'Try Before You Buy' offer. Request a FREE custom sample before committing – a standout offer to ensure our voiceovers meet your exact needs. Plus, our subscription model is 100% risk-free – you can pause or cancel at any time, giving you total control and peace of mind.

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